Mission Statement


Commerce with no barriers


Provide leadership in linking people, local and international businesses and facilitate a seamless access to commercial ventures for the betterment of society.


To promote and encourage Australian and Filipino professionals and business enterprises in Australia.

To enhance and encourage business relationships between Australia and Asian countries, particularly the Philippines.

To facilitate the sharing of information and expertise that will assist newly established businesses and/or those intending to start up a business.

To actively participate and contribute to Australia’s economic growth by assisting our members’ international business ventures and partnerships.

Key Principles

We value an open, honest and accountable organization.

Our success is achieved through dedication, commitment, hard work and belief in what we do.

Creativity and simplicity are our formulas for solving problems.

We recognize leadership quality in all our members and we promote innovation.

We believe in the Australian multicultural principle of productive diversity.

Strategic Considerations

Raise Australia’s profile in the Philippines and the Philippine’s profile in Australia.

Recruit a formidable membership roll consisting of Australian and Philippine Business Personalities and Corporations with mutual stakes in both countries.

Develop a significant state-wide regional presence.

Undertake alliances with other bilateral and local Chambers, and with Filipino and other ethnic community organizations to be mobilized for information dissemination, petition signature-taking, and bloc voting.

Participate actively in activities that promote the general welfare and well-being of Australia and its residents.

Generate funding to promote, enhance and safeguard the image of Australia and the Philippines in the respective host states.

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