Mr Tony Meloto Visits Brisbane

Date posted: September 13, 2006

On a beautiful Brisbane September morning the committee of Gawad Kalinga (to give care) Brisbane hosted a special breakfast to honor Mr. Tony Meloto, the recipient of the 2007 Ramon Magsaysay award for Community Leadership in the Philippines.

Born to humble circumstances in Bacolod Mr. Meloto delivered an inspirational keynote address to the breakfast attendees. He classified himself as a teller of stories and in fact the story that he told was in his words a Love story – a story that centered on inspiring Filipinos to “believe with pride that theirs can be a nation without slums”

With a combination of love, faith and support from those that share his vision Mr. Meloto has within the last 10 years, provided homes to over 80,000 slum-dwelling Filipinos. In doing so he has helped restore pride and dignity to the needy who without his support would be condemned to a life of helplessness.

Mr. Antonio Meloto on behalf of Filipinos and people of Noble Spirit – WE SALUTE YOU…

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